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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

ICC Recruitment Solutions Ltd. (ICC) respects the privacy of every applicant, client, employee and supplier. The personal information provided to us will only be collected and disclosed and used in accordance with this policy statement, or as otherwise permitted by law.

Why do we collect personal information?

When you respond to a job advertisement or apply to ICC, you are asked to submit a resume to the Company to enable us to represent you or to assist you in finding work either as a full-time employee of one of our clients, as an ICC temporary employee, or a a sub-contractor. Personal information may also be obtained through interview notes, references from the referees you provided, or it may relate to data that we require in order to provide payroll services or information about your beneficiaries if required for enrollment in benefit packages. This information is retained in our filing systems, which are locked outside of normal business hours.

The payroll information is needed should you be placed on a temporary assignment and may include, personal banking information, Social Insurance Number, Date of Birth, Emergency contact information and pertinent tax details.

We may also collect information as a result of verifying employment history, or educational and professional qualifications. If required by clients, criminal record checks and drug and alcohol test records may also be retained.

The information collected will not under any circumstances be sold, traded, or provided to any external organisations unless ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.

When and to whom do we disclose your personal data?

The information you provide to us will only used by ICC to assist you in finding employment either as a full time employee of one of our clients, or as a temporary employee of ICC, or as a sub-contractor to ICC, or to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Your resume, may be forwarded to a client company, either on its own or with others when there may be an employment or contract opportunity available with that client. Any other information that is requested by any party will not be provided without your prior approval, unless it is to meet a legal or regulatory requirement.

Implied consent

By contacting ICC and agreeing to use our services by forwarding a resume to us and by providing us with other personal information your consent to the collection, use, disclosure and sharing of your personal information is hereby implied.

Although your consent is hereby implied, we may contact you to obtain your specific consent to contact the referees you provided to us.

Security of Information

All ICC resumes are maintained in a secure database, equipped with firewalls to prevent unauthorised access. Access is accessible only to ICC personnel and is password protected to provide appropriate security measures.

Paper documents containing personal information are stored in filing cabinets which are locked outside of normal office hours and are accessed only by personnel who need to know your personal information.

How can you verify your personal information?

You may at anytime request, in writing, confirmation of the personal information ICC holds on file which relates to you. Please write to:- The President, ICC Recruitment Solutions Ltd., 1462 Centre Rd., #247, Carlisle, ON L0R 1H0.